Thursday, April 13, 2006

Foodfight! Website Updated

The website for the animated movie Foodfight! has been updated. You can visit the site at There is a lot of information about the film and the cast. Note: You need Flash 8 to view the site, and it might not work on all browsers (I couldn't load it using Netscape).

Foodfight! is scheduled to be released in theaters April 2007.

Here is what the website says about Hilary Duff's character:

Sunshine is the spunky and cute product icon for Sunshine Goodness Raisins, a product loved and adored by everyone. She's Dex's love interest and actually maybe a little more than his equal, although she would never really show it (unless she needs to). She's in love with Dex and especially loves the fact that her ultimate protector of the grocery store is really just a big puppy dog. She knows that Dex is going to propose to her and he's going to have trouble saying the words, and she just milks it for all it's worth. Unfortunately, Dex doesn't get the words out before she disappears...

Sunshine Goodness

Hilary Duff to Participate in Awareness Campaign on Dangers of the Internet

The Internet is a dangerous place. This will be the message of a new campaign sponsored by the San Diego-based Child Safety Network and the KlaasKidds Foundation. The campaign will consist of several nationwide Public Service Announcements that will air starting this week. Hilary Duff will be participating in the campaign along with Celine Dion, Tony Danza, Mandy Moore, Christy Carlson Romano, Donny Osmond, Kathy Ireland, Paula Abdul, Brett Favre, Curt Schilling, and the Cast of "7th Heaven." (not sure if this includes Haylie Duff or not).

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vanessa Lengies new movie - Stick It starring Missy Peregrym

Vanessa Lengies, who of course was in The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff, is in the new movie Stick It starring Missy Peregrym. Stick It is a gymnastics movie written and directed by Jessica Bendinger who also wrote Bring It On. The movie looks kind of lame, but it's always fun seeing former Hilary co-stars in other roles.

Stick It opens in Canada on April 21, and in the US on April 28.

Vanessa Lengies

Missy Peregrym

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pictures of Kenzie Dalton

It seems like a lot of people are trying to find pictures of Kenzie Dalton - the girl who just got engaged to Chad Michael Murray. There aren't a whole lot of pictures of Kenzie, because she isn't really a celebrity - yet, but I did find a few links you might be interested in.

Just Jared - has a nice photo gallery.
Getty Images - has a bunch of pics, but to view them you have to have an account.

And last but not least, I was able to find this picture of Kenzie from the Miss Teen North Carolina contest:

Dead Executives to Help Produce New J-Kwon Album

If you are a Hilary Duff fan you probably know who the Dead Executives are by now. The songwriting team better known as Benji and Joel Madden wrote and produced the 3 new songs on Hilary's Most Wanted album - Wake Up, Beat of My Heart, and Break My Heart. John Feldman from the band Goldfinger is also part of the Dead Executives, but he never gets any credit for some reason.

Anyway, the Dead Executives are now branching out into Rap and Hip-Hop. It is being reported by Chart Attack that they are helping produce the new J-Kwon album. You probably remember J-Kwon from his massive club hit "Tipsy" which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. His album "Hood Hop" peaked at #7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. It still isn't clear how many songs the Dead Executives will be producing for the new album.

Surprisingly this isn't the first rap experiment for the Maddens. The twins are apparently good friends and neighbors with The Game, and they produced a track with him that will appear on the new Good Charlotte CD.

I like that the Dead Executives are experimenting with different types of music. Many people don't like that they worked with Hilary Duff, and think that she should go back to her old songwriting teams, but I kind of like the Dead sound. They wrote the Ashlee Simpson song "Harder Everyday", which is probably my favorite Ashlee song, although that isn't saying much. I hope that they are a part of Hilary's next album, which I'm sure they will be.

Joel Madden shops with The Game and posse in Hollywood.
Thanks to Nikkie (HilaryMadden) at HilaryFan for the scan.

Hilary Shopping at Neiman Marcus

Looks like Hilary is getting some more shopping done during this break she has before the big European Tour kicks off in 10 days. She has a 5-week break in between concerts, which is a big vacation for her since she almost never goes very long between concerts on her tour that never really ends. I don't think people realize that Hilary has been touring pretty much non-stop since November 2003. She's never had more than a 2-month break between concerts. The European Tour starts April 21 in Dublin, Ireland.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Material Girls Release Date - August 25, 2006

It is now being widely reported that Material Girls has a release date of August 25, 2006. It has also been reported that MGM has picked up the distribution rights for the movie. A few days ago I had speculated that Material Girls could be going direct to DVD, but now things are looking a whole lot better. With MGM as the distributor the movie should be able to get a wide release, and some decent marketing dollars to help promote it. A late summer date probably isn't the best, but at this point any date is fine with me. We still haven't seen a trailer or movie poster, but I'm guessing they should be right around the corner now. The late summer date also gives Hilary and Haylie lots of time to record songs for the soundtrack. I'm hoping that there will be at least a few new Hilary songs on the soundtrack to keep us from getting bored waiting for a new album.

In Touch Magazine Ranks Hollywood's Most Stylish Couples

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden came in at Number 8 in a poll conducted by In Touch Weekly ranking Hollywood's Most Stylish Couples. Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon top the list followed by Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Here's the top 10:

1. Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon
2. Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles
3. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
4. Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend
5. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
6. David & Victoria Beckham
7. Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams
8. Hilary Duff & Joel Madden
9. Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany
10. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Most Stylish Couple: Witherspoon and Phillippe