Friday, November 17, 2006

Hilary Duff Interview in Shout Magazine

Shout: Hey Hilary! You're the new Sims star - How does that feel?

Hilary: It's so exciting! I've always been, like, the biggest fan of The Sims. it's just so addictive and there have been times where i've had to stop myself! - It's just so time consuming, It's so much fun! It's great having my own character though - who wouldn't wanna be in a cool computer game?

Shout: You've got your pet pooch with you too! Fancy any other cyber pets?

Hilary: Ooh a monkey, a cheeky one! No, wait, actually i'd want a pig. Apparently pigs can get as smart as a five year old kid! Actually, me and my boyfriend Joel are such dorks, we've already discussed what we'd call a pig if we had one...We'd call it Eli! I know it's weird, but it's cute!

Shout: Ah, Joel - so you're still all loved up then?

Hilary: Oh yeah, i'm really happy, everything's cool. It's all good. He's on tour at the moment though so i'm really missing him a lot!

Shout: Do you still have fun together?

Hilary: We just do normal things y'know? Like going to movies and cooking. Well, i like to try cooking! I'm not fantastic but it's fun to give it a go!

Shout: So how did you lovebirds meet?

Hilary: Through mutual friends in the music industry. We've got a lot in common which is cool.

Shout: Any sign of a certain ring anytime soon then?

Hilary: No way! i'm way too young for all that - We're having fun and enjoying ourselves. That's cool.

Shout: Tell us what a girlie night for you would include?

Hilary: My sister and a DVD boxset! I love desperate housewives, Lost and Prison Break. Oh Wentworth, you guys in the UK are obsessed with him right? So are we! I can't wait til later tonight cos i'm gonna watch the first episode of Lost series 3 I missed it on the aeroplane last night!

Shout: What's your fave way to feel pampered?

Hilary: I like spa treatments like facials and massages. To be honest though, i'm a bit funny with people touching me, so just being outdoors in the fresh air de-stresses me

Shout: You're a brunette babe now - Why the big change?

Hilary: I was so sick of going to the salon and sitting there for like, 3 hours while they touched up my roots. I'm feeling the natural look at the moment

Shout: Now, you've got a flat with your sis, Haylie - How's that going?

Hilary: Oh we're best friends. I mean, we argue like normal sisters but it's fine. We've got a lot of the same friends too. She's in New York at the mo though, so i miss her like crazy! The flat things cool though, i'm really tidy and shes super messy but we live on opposite sides so as long as her mess stays on her side, i don't mind.

Shout: How do you like to keep fit n' healthy?

Hilary: I love pilates. I also love swimming and hiking. I really love being outdoors and having fun - i think that's really good for me. I just eat healthily and make sure i'm sensible with it. It's still important to have treats, Y'know?

Shout: And what about the big Hollywood craze to be super skinny?

Hilary: Y'know what? I'm sick of hearing about it! It's just not a big deal over here in New York or L.A y'know? Like, it's sad that people get so wrapped up in whether someone's put on 5 pounds - Or if they've lossed it! I think it's best to just be happy whatever you are. People are so weirdly interested in all that and as long as people wanna read it, it'll just keep coming! I say basically just leave skinny celebs alone.


Shout is a British magazine.
Please visit them at for more info.

Thanks to Metamorphosis06 from HilaryFan for posting this interview.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hilary Duff Donates Meals to Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

Internationally-celebrated, multi-platinum recording artist, concert performer, actress, designer, philanthropist and business woman Hilary Duff will continue her enormously generous charitable contributions to the victims of Hurricane Katrina with the donation of more than 200,000 meals to two shelters in Houston, TX. Duff has purchased these meals through USA Harvest, who she has done relief work and philanthropic donations with in the past, to be delivered to the Star of Hope shelter as well as the Harbor Lights Salvation Army shelter in Houston. Each shelter will receive 100,000 meals for the Hurricane Katrina refugees who are still shelter residents. Tyme It, a trucking company out of Louisville, will be delivering the supplies for free today and tomorrow, November 16th-17th, to Harbor Lights and Star of Hope, respectively.

“Hilary has set an extraordinary example with her generous contributions to the Gulf Coast victims of last year’s tragic hurricanes,” said Stan Curtis, Chairman of USA Harvest. “With her current contribution, Hilary will have donated over 2.7 million meals to the victims who still need these generous donations.”

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in August, Duff traveled to New Orleans with Curtis to visit and aid victims of last year’s devastating hurricanes. Hilary’s schedule was packed with trips to elementary schools, a high school, a disaster recovery center and a rescue mission to provide inspirational words, food and comfort to the many victims of the storm.

The 2.7 million meals that Hilary has donated through USA Harvest in the last year were prepared and distributed at Salvation Army canteens throughout the Gulf Coast region. Several of Hilary’s corporate partners including Fashion Accessory Bazaar, Mattel, Hasbro, Freedom Water and Energy drinks, Meijer Grocery Stores, Mas Tec. Corporation, The Mas Family Foundation of Miami, Schenkelshultz Architecture and Sinclair Broadcast Group all made large donations to USA Harvest and Hilary’s partnership to support the recovery effort. Hilary also encouraged her fans to bring canned food to her concerts. The donated food was collected by USA Harvest and distributed to food shelters across the Gulf Coast region.

About Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff is an internationally celebrated multi-platinum, chart-topping recording artist, concert performer, actress, designer, philanthropist and businesswoman. Hilary's recent world concert tour spanned the globe, with multi-city appearances in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada and Latin America. Hilary’s latest CD Most Wanted was #1 for two consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 music chart in the U.S., #1 for two consecutive weeks on the Canadian chart and also reached top-charting success in several other countries. Her new single "Play with Fire" in conjunction with her new movie Material Girls and will be included on her forthcoming new Hollywood Records release in early 2007. As a designer, Hilary is actively involved with her creative director in leading the design process to expand her fashion, beauty and home products business globally, including her ‘tween label stuff by hilary duff now launching its Fall collection in nearly 7,500 stores including Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, JC Penney and Sears among others, and her teen designer label hilary duff kicking off with the Fall launch of Hilary’s fragrance line from Elizabeth Arden and followed by a juniors line of apparel in 2007/08. For more information on Hilary Duff, please visit her website at

About USA Harvest
In its 18 years of operation, USA Harvest has collected and distributed more than 11.7 billion pounds of food to those in need around the world. USA Harvest has grown to include 124 cities with more than 127,000 volunteers in the United States. USA Harvest is America’s largest all-volunteer food distribution organization. For more information about USA Harvest, please go to

Press release
Source: Rogers & Cowan


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hilary Duff's Cat - Gloomy

We all know that Hilary Duff is a dog lover, but she also likes cats.
Here is a picture of Hilary Duff's cat - Gloomy.
Gloomy was rescued by Hilary from an animal shelter.

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Hilary Duff on the Cover of Glow Magazine Canada

Hilary Duff is the cover girl of the December 2006 issue of Glow.
Glow is a Canadian health and beauty magazine.

Credit: Oh-Hilary. Please visit them for more pictures of the Glow issue.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hilary Duff on the Tyra Banks Show

Hilary Duff was on the Tyra Banks Show on November 14th, 2006.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the videos of the show are no longer available on YouTube.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Vote for Play With Fire on XM Satellite Radio

Play With Fire has been added to XM Satellite Radio's Top 20 countdown list.

To vote for Play With Fire - CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Photoshoot of Hilary Duff at Home

Credit: Oh-Hilary. Please visit them for more photos from this shoot.

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