Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hilary Duff on the cover of Strut Magazine

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Material Girls - Review of DVD Bonus Features

Material Girls is now out on DVD. The DVD contains both Widescreen and Fullscreen versions, along with a few other bonus features, including:

Director Commentary: Pretty much standard commentary from the director. Martha Coolidge talks about the cast, set, and how different scenes were filmed. Nothing out of the ordinary. It seems like this commentary was more scripted than others I have seen before, and Martha seemed to explain a lot of things that didn't really need explaining if you had seen the movie before. The one thing that surprised me was how much of the film was improvised. It seems like Hilary had a bunch of stuff in the movie that she came up with on the spot, which is impressive. I think that commentaries are always better with more than one person, and I would have loved to hear a commentary with Hilary and Haylie, but oh well.

Cast Of Characters, The making of Material Girls: Pretty good featurette that includes comments from most of the major cast. Cast members talk about how they got their roles, and about their characters.

Getting to know Hilary and Haylie as the Marchetta Sisters: Another quality featurette similar to the "making of" one except that this one focuses on Hilary and Haylie only. Duff fans will really like this footage of the girls talking about how the movie was made, and sharing some behind the scenes stories from the set.

Material Girls Music Montage: This is a montage of clips from the movie, along with footage from the set that is played over Hilary and Haylie's "Material Girl" song.

Play With Fire Video: Most of us have already seen the PWF video, but it's nice to have it in DVD quality.

Trailer: Same thing as the PWF video. Seen it, but nice to have it on DVD.

Overall I think these bonus features are pretty good. They are pretty much similar to what you get on every DVD nowadays, but I think that the featurettes are above average, and the commentary is pretty decent.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Material Girls - Out Today on DVD

Material Girls is out today on DVD in North America. I would encourage everyone to support Hilary and Haylie and buy a copy. The movie didn't do great at the box office, but strong DVD sales would show that Hilary still has a loyal following. I will try to post any DVD sales numbers... if I can find them.

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