Friday, January 12, 2007

With Love Perfume Fragrance - A Sales Disappointment?

Hilary Duff's With Love fragrance is not selling as well as it could be. This according to Gary Giblen, an analyst for the investment firm Brean Murray. Giblen downgraded Elizabeth Arden (RDEN) stock on Friday. The stock was downgraded in part because of "several brand development disappointments and category and/or brands at risk, including the Hilary Duff/With Love line." Apparently With Love "launched during the holidays below other competitive launches."

This is bad news for Hilary, but I can't say that I'm completely surprised. At $60+ per bottle With Love is just too expensive for most of her core audience. As much as we like to see Hilary as growing up and appealing to an older audience, most of her fans are still younger teens and don't have a lot of money. I wish the people at Elizabeth Arden would have considered a slightly lower price point.

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David Yurman Boutique Grand Opening - January 11, 2007

For more pictures from this event please visit Juicy4Ever.Net and

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Hilary and Fergie - Same Dress

Hilary Duff and Fergie wore the same dress on New Year's Eve. Hilary was at a party in Miami and Fergie was performing in New York. Visit People to vote on who you think looked better in the dress.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hilary Duff in Los Angeles - January 9, 2007

Hilary walks to Eclectic Cafe in LA.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Pictures from New Year's Eve in Miami

Credit: LastNightsParty

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Hilary will not be joining cast of Brothers and Sisters on ABC

Michael Ausiello of TV Guide is now reporting that Hilary Duff will not be joining the cast of ABC's Brothers and Sisters.

I don't want to say I told you so, but I had a hard time seeing this happening in the first place.

Source: Ask Ausiello


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Miley Cyrus is a Hilary Duff fan

In a recent Washington Post article, Miley Cyrus - star of the smash hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana - had this to say about Hilary:

"I'm a big Hilary Duff fan. I bought every CD. We've never met but we've heard a lot about each other, and we are going to go and have coffee and just kind of talk. ... I also like Kelly Clarkson."


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Hilary Duff talks about With Love Fragrance

In a recent AP article, Hilary Duff described her new perfume fragrance, With Love:

"Nineteen-year-old Duff, who says that she was flattered that Elizabeth Arden cosmetics (who also has produced Britney Spears' top-selling fragrance) came to her, says she knew more what she didn't want it to smell like — sickeningly sweet. And she wanted to come up with the scent herself as much as possible.

"I'm really girlie and I like stuff like that," Duff explains.

With trial and error, she discovered she likes scents classified as "warm."

"I don't think it smells like anything else out there. I didn't say, 'I want this to remind me of this,'" Duff says."


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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hilary Duff will not perform at 2007 Houston Rodeo

The lineup for the 75th Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo was announced today - and Hilary Duff is not on it. Hilary was one of the most popular acts at RodeoHouston the past two years. In 2005 she set an all time Rodeo attendance record of 72843. She followed up that performance with another sold out show in 2006 that 69716 people attended. However, despite her attendance marks Hilary's presence at the Rodeo was not without controversy. Several animal rights activists scolded Hilary for performing at the rodeo, claming that the rodeo is cruel to animals. It is unclear if Hilary's decision to not perform at the 2007 rodeo was influenced by these people.

Acts that will be performing at the rodeo this year include:

George Strait
Los Lonely Boys
Reba McEntire
Natalie Cole and Kem
Clay Walker
the Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana
Josh Turner
Gretchen Wilson
Sheryl Crow
Alan Jackson
Pat Green
Martina McBride
Pesado and Emilio
Toby Keith
Dierks Bentley
Brooks & Dunn
ZZ Top

Source: Billboard


Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Song - With Love - When will we hear it?

Hilary Duff's new song With Love is being praised by fans worldwide. The only problem? No one has actually heard it yet. That's right, Duff fans are calling this Hilary's best song without actually hearing the whole thing. I guess that can be expected, it seems like the latest thing is always called the best nowadays, but I prefer to actually hear the song before proclaiming it a top 10 hit. So when will we get to hear it? Hard to say. There was this one guy who supposedly works at a radio station who was going to leak it on the internet yesterday, but he didn't. Hopefully the song will surface soon so Hilary fans can have something to back up their claims that this is Hilary's best song.

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