Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hilary Duff - With Love Commercial - Video and Song

New commercial for With Love featuring a new song by Hilary.
The new song is also believed to be called With Love.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the video is no longer available. Obviously the song in the commercial turned out to be Hilary's hit song With Love.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Play With Fire Remix gets good review from Billboard

"Hilary Duff has got a brand-new bag. "Play With Fire" is less of the clich├ęd little-girl-playing-tough-pop/rocker than it is a truly intriguing exploration into darker, more experimental melodic structures that could attract a whole new crowd of late-night dancefloor minions to the Duff camp. The original version is just fine, but the tweaked-out radio edit from remixer Richard Vission is a true work of art, refashioning Duff as a potential innovator - and heaven knows there are precious few of those these days. Hil's new album is due in first-quarter 2007. It will be fascinating to see if this is an enchanting fluke, or if America is destined to at last see the arrival of its own Kylie."
-Chuck Taylor


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