Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Still Photos of Yonica from War Inc

New still pictures of Hilary Duff as Yonica Babyyeah in the new movie War, Inc.

Credit: Oh-Hilary.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Allure Magazine

Hilary Duff is on the cover of the most recent issue of Allure.

Credit: HDA.

Bien dans ma vie Magazine - France

Hilary Duff is on the cover of French magazine "Bien dans ma vie" April 2008 issue.

Thanks to HilaryVlc at HilaryFan for posting this scan.

Is Hilary Still Safe for Kids?

A recent OK! Magazine article questions if Hilary Duff is too edgy now that her infamous "Scorpion Scene" has been circulated all around the internet.

The article accuses Hilary of making contradictory statements:

"And yet, only months ago, the 20-year-old star told OK!'s Red Carpet Confidential blogger Valerie Nome that she wouldn’t disappoint her young fans by crossing over to the dark side. She even admitted turning down a role playing a pregnant girl with a drug problem because it was too edgy."

“I just feel like there’s so much time for that,” she said at the time. “I think there are actresses who want to get so far away from what people thought they were like or that they can do. It’s just shocking to me because you’re still so young. When I’m 25 or 30, I want to have some place to go and something I’ve never done. Now I think I can start to challenge myself and do different things that aren’t for such a young audience, but I think it’s important not to completely abandon them.”

The thing that I find so interesting about all of this "Scorpion Scene" talk is that the scene was filmed in October / November 2006 and was featured in the first War Inc trailer that was released on March 26, 2007! I wonder why people haven't picked up on Hilary's alleged naughtiness until now?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vivi Magazine - Japan

When Hilary Duff was in Japan she was photographed for Vivi Magazine.


Monday, April 07, 2008

I Want to Blow You Up

New scene: Hilary Duff as Yonica Babyyeah in War Inc.

Lyrics to the song:

"You say you want to free me baby,
but you cannot even see me baby, I want to blow you up."

"I want blow you sky high, high good bye,
I want to blow you blow you blow you blow you up."

John Cusack and Mark Leyner talk about Hilary

War, Inc. co-writers John Cusack and Mark Leyner were on Much Music's "Much On Demand" in Canada a few days ago to talk about the movie.

When Hilary's name came up this is what John had to say:

"She's a great, great actress. Great comic actress, and a great serious actress. She's sharing the screen with Marissa Tomei and Sir Ben Kingsley, and my sister Joan, and she was a real revelation to watch and work with. She's really funny and really talented."

When asked if the role was written for Hilary, John said:

"We wrote it as someone who had been a pop star and who had grown up as a pop star so there's only 5 or 6 of those around who are of the right age..."

Mark Leyner chimed in, "I remember the night Johnny called me to say that Hilary wanted to do it and it was one of these moments I'll never forget because who could play that character better in almost any way than Hilary Duff? And she's phenomenal."

John added, "She's one of the young girls who hasn't had some hard times and fallen apart a little bit, she still has her head together, and she will for a long time because she's a real smart, grounded girl."

Mark concluded, "She every time I see her just amazes me shes really a phenomenal presence in this movie."

You can watch the interview here.
Note: The above link might not work if you're not in Canada.

Extended Scorpion Scene

Hilary Duff's scene from War, Inc. where she drops a scorpion down her pants.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

John Cusack on Real Time with Bill Maher - March 28, 2008

A lot of this interview is political babble, and doesn't really have much to do with Hilary, but he still talks about War, Inc. and why he wanted to write this movie.

John Cusack praises Hilary Duff

In a recent Canadian Press article about War, Inc. John Cusack had high words of praise for Hilary Duff and her performance in the movie:

The film, opening April 25 in Toronto, features a surprisingly strong performance by pop diva Hilary Duff, who plays a Mideast version of a troubled Britney Spears type who's being exploited by the sinister American corporation that's occupying Turaqistan.

Cusack said he was blown away by Duff's acting chops.

"She's a great actress, and she's a real movie star, too," Cusack says, marvelling at how Duff often stole scenes from experienced actors like himself, Tomei and his sister, Joan, who also appears in the film.

"I've been around a lot of terrific actresses and you know when you're in the presence of someone who's sort of got it. She has an intelligence onscreen and then this kind of transparency where no matter what she does, you feel for her and you care about her.

"And she has a face that sucks up any sleeves that we put around her. We tried to make her as slutty as we could, but you put the camera on her and you couldn't see anything but that soul and those eyes."

Source: Canadian Press.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Photoshoot Outtakes

Some pictures from Hilary's latest shoot for Cosmo:

Credit: HDuffWorld. Visit them for more from this shoot.