Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hilary Duff to appear in Maxim

Hilary Duff will be on the cover of Maxim magazine. Hilary did an interview with The Freakshow a few days ago and it was revealed that she is doing a photoshoot for Maxim magazine. She said the theme of the Maxim shoot will be "old fashioned pin-up girl."

It was also revealed in the interview that Hilary will do a guest spot on "The Andy Milonakis Show."

Listen to the Freakshow Interview.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

More New Dignity Photoshoot Pictures

Credit: HDuffWorld. Visit them for more from this shoot.

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Hilary Duff's New Sound - Will You Like It?

With all the talk about With Love and Dignity, I started thinking about Hilary's "new sound" that everyone has been talking about. It appears that the music on Dignity will be pretty different than the music on Hilary's previous CD's. The new sound has much more of a dance feel, and much less of a rock feel. I have always said that I want Hilary to experiment with as many different types of music as possible, but I don't want to see her abandon her old style completely either. In a recent interview Hilary said, "I didn’t want to be rock/pop anymore." It's great that Hilary is trying new things, but I liked Hilary's old music! My favorite Hilary songs are the ones that are more "rock" sounding. In my opinion Hilary's Self Titled CD is by far her best work, and I would love to hear her do another CD with that type of sound. So while I am definitely excited to hear the new sound, I worry a little bit that I won't like it as much as the old sound.

If you use this article please credit Hilary Duff News and Pictures.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Funny Picture of Hilary Duff with Troy Rowland

Hilary Duff with her manager/bodyguard/assistant Troy Rowland. Nice hat Troy!

Thanks to Josh at HilaryFan for finding this.


Hilary Duff - Upcoming TV Appearances - Spring 2007

In the upcoming weeks Hilary Duff will be stopping by many TV shows to promote her new CD Dignity.

Shows confirmed so far:

- Hilary will co-host a week of TRL.
- Good Morning America.
- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (performance).
- Jimmy Kimmel Live.
- Ellen.

I will try to post more shows and dates/times when they become available.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

With Love is the # 1 most added song at Top 40 radio

According to a press release by Hollywood Records, Hilary Duff's new single With Love was the # 1 most added song at Top 40 radio this week. The song "soared past the competition with adds at such radio stations as Z100 in New York, WXKS in Boston and KZZP in Phoenix."

Read the full press release.

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With Love hits #1 on TRL

Hilary Duff's new single With Love hit #1 on the MTV TRL countdown on Wednesday, February 21, 2007.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dignity - Billboard Early Review

There isn't much in this mini-review that we don't already know, but it's pretty cool to see Hilary featured in Billboard Magazine.

Thanks to xcom3cl3anx at HilaryFan for posting this scan.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Haylie Duff

I just realized that today - February 19th - is Haylie Duff's birthday! Haylie turns 22 today. Happy Birthday Haylie... the next round is on me... and you can hold me to that.

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New Pictures - Hilary Duff Partying with Friends

Pictures of Hilary Duff partying with Taylor Hoover and other friends.
These pictures were found on MySpace by LivingXxToday from HilaryFan.

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With Love Impacting Radio Today

Today is the day that With Love "goes for adds" on radio. It's kind of like the official launch date for the single. Hopefully many radio stations will add With Love to their rotation of songs starting today.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hilary Duff possibly spotted with Barry Zito

This obviously isn't the greatest picture in the world, but apparently Hilary Duff was spotted last night at City Walk at Universal Studios Los Angeles. It's hard to tell, but I think guy she is with looks like baseball player Barry Zito. There have been rumors lately that Duff and Zito are dating, and this picture seems to add to the credibility of those rumors. Like I said though, the picture is from behind and it's very hard to say for sure if that is Zito, or if that is even Hilary Duff. I guess people will just have to decide for themselves.

Thanks to lalala at HilaryFan for posting the picture.

New photos have surfaced that show that the person walking with Hilary was NOT Barry Zito. The person is apparently Taylor Hoover's boyfriend. See the new pictures here.

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Pictures of Hilary Duff with her Mom Shopping in Beverly Hills - February 17, 2007

All I have to say is - Wow, that is a HUGE BAG!
For more pictures check out HDuffWorld.

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Australia News - With Love

The single CD for With Love will be released in Australia on March 17, 2007.

Check out for more information.

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