Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Album Review - Cheyenne Kimball - The Day Has Come

There are a lot of similarities between Cheyenne Kimball and Hilary Duff. They both launched their music careers after being on TV shows. They were about the same age when they recorded their debut albums. They were both born in Texas but moved to California to pursue their careers. They both are pretty girls with blond hair, and they both make the same kind of music.

I was expecting "The Day Has Come" to sound a lot like a Hilary Duff album, and it pretty much does. Sweet bubble gum songs, with a rock edge to them. I would say Hilary is more rock while Cheyenne is more pop, but I don't know if others would agree with that. Cheyenne is a pretty good singer, and she writes all of her songs also, which is a plus. Definitely a better pure singer than Hilary, Cheyenne's voice reminds me a lot of Skye Sweetnam, whom I like a lot.

The songs themselves are all polished and upbeat, but aside from the standout single "Hanging On" I really didn't love any one song on the album. The title track "The Day Has Come" is pretty catchy, but other than that most of the songs sounded pretty much the same to me on the first listen. I'm not saying they are bad songs, but I don't see another breakout hit from this album like "Hanging On".

Overall, if you like this type of music you probably won't be disappointed by "The Day Has Come", but you might not be blown away by it either.

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