Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Duff and Lohan Neck and Neck at the Box Office

Many people like to talk about the Lindsay Lohan - Hilary Duff feud because of what goes in the tabloids, and what the two stars have said about each other in the past.

I'm not really into tabloid gossip, but the thing I find interesting is that Duff and Lohan have shared almost the exact same amount of success in their careers. They are fierce rivals at the box office and on the charts.

It's a little known fact that both Duff and Lohan crossed the career $300 million mark at the box office on the same day in June 2005, and now a year later they are still neck and neck for box office bragging rights.

Lindsay is slightly ahead right now, but Hilary should take the lead back when Material Girls comes out later in the summer. It's really amazing how similar these numbers are.

Hilary Duff...... - Lifetime Gross Total (7): $390,243,662
Lindsay Lohan - Lifetime Gross Total (7): $390,788,563

Hilary Duff...... - Per Movie Gross Average: $55,749,095
Lindsay Lohan - Per Movie Gross Average: $55,826,938

Hilary Duff...... - Opening Gross Average (7): $13,031,018
Lindsay Lohan - Opening Gross Average (7): $12,871,724

Numbers as of July 5, 2006. Source: Box Office Mojo
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