Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New York Times Blog Reviews With Love Perfume

Although it has been on the market for some time now and isn't even Hilary's most recent scent, New York Times blog The Moment reviewed Hilary Duff's perfume fragrance With Love recently.

The 2 star review was mostly positive - more or less saying that Hilary's scent isn't ground breaking, but pleasant and unique at the same time.

The last few sentences of the review did a good job in describing the perfume:

"A scent one might encounter were one lucky enough to be hugged close to the suntanned neck of a pretty volleyball player on a Malibu beach: a bit of sunscreen, a hint of the breeze from the California hills and the smell of a girl who really knows how to play at the net. Were you not to know the scent’s celebrity origins, you would be left, as she released the hug and rushed happily back into the game, with the impression of olfactory sweetness and the white of her smile. You would not be torn. You would simply smile back."

Check out the full With Love review - The Moment.