Tuesday, July 22, 2008

War Inc 9th Weekend Box Office Results

In the 9th weekend of release, War Inc made $12,200 at the box office playing on 20 screens (the same amount of screens as last weekend). War Inc hit a wall this weekend. It dropped 59.6% from last weekend which is substantial compared to the past few weekends when it only dropped about 20% each time. The per theater average was hovering around $1,500 the past few weeks dropped to $610 this weekend. War Inc has made a total of $541,284 at the box office.

There's no telling how much of an effect The Dark Knight had on War Inc. I suppose there is quite a bit of crossover audience for those two movies. With "Batmania" going on at movie theaters all over the country few people were probably looking forward to seeing indie pics.

Numbers from Box Office Mojo.