Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hilary Duff to star in The Business of Falling in Love

Hilary Duff will star in the upcoming ABC Family movie "The Business of Falling in Love," a romantic comedy based on the book "Diary of a Working Girl," by Daniella Brodsky. Hilary will also be one of executive producers of the film.

The director of the 1999 movie "10 Things I Hate About You", Gil Junger will direct. Junger was also the director of one of ABC Family's highest-rated original movies this year, the romantic comedy "My Fake Fiance."

Plot description of "Diary of a Working Girl" from Amazon:

Lane Silverman was a struggling freelance writer, desperate to sell an article that would pay her rent, when she stumbled upon the pitch of a lifetime: an article about finding Mr. Right in the workplace. She sold the idea to Cosmopolitan, tossed out her PJs, put on a power suit, and became a true-blue working girl on Wall Street. Now, all she has to do is meet a sexy, eligible man in an expensive suit who will find her charming beautiful, and positively irresistible... in two months...

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon.