Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tiger Beat Magazine Petition

Some people have started a petition to have Hilary Duff included more in Tiger Beat Magazine. I guess Hilary couldn't be a teen idol forever.

The undersigned, have noticed that Hilary Duff's presence in Tiger Beat has been fading and she has been completely absent in the past few issues. Hilary, who was once always featured in Tiger Beat magazine, is feautured only every now and then which has made us Hilary fans very saddend and disappointed. We Hilary fans used to always count on Tiger Beat specifically for Hilary posters, pinups, and articles. I, who had been a Tiger Beat subscriber since 2004 had decided not to renew my subscription this year because of the decrease of Hilary Duff's presence in Tiger Beat magazine. We, the fans and supporters of Hilary Duff, are pleading and asking the editors and staff of Tiger Beat to please add a Hilary Duff pinup in a future issue of Tiger Beat. Please, Please, Please, Please consider. Hilary is now working on several different major projects this year, and we would very much appreciate to see Hilary Duff in the pages of Tiger Beat again. Please know that Tiger Beat has always been my favorite magazine for years now, and if you added a Hilary Duff pinup in a future issue of Tiger Beat, that would make us very happy. Please know that you would have the support of the entire Hilary Duff Fan Club. Also, know that we have members of the Hilary Duff Fan Club that live in other countries such as Australia and Canada who are more than willing to buy and continue to buy issues of Tiger Beat magazine.

Go here to see / sign the petition.