Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hilary's Road Trip to Palm Springs

Hilary Duff and her friend, costume designer Sommer Terry hit the road on Friday for a girls weekend to Palm Springs. Hilary's sister Haylie also joined in the fun arriving on Saturday.

Posts from Hilary's Twitter:

ohh no everyone watch out, little duff is driving all the way to palm springs with @SomSom85 and little lola, here we come!!

debate: do sunflower seeds remind you of long car rides or softball games? HD thinks car rides and ST thinks softball...

Seeeester made it!!!YAY!!Girls weekend in palm springs with @HaylieK and @SomSom85! Could life get better, already a few mimosa's in!

Sommer posted these pictures of the girls stocking up on snacks for the trip, including the aforementioned sunflower seeds:

Pictures credit: Sommer Terry Twitter.