Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Foodfight! Trailer Surfaces

A new trailer for the animated movie Foodfight! has been making the rounds.

Foodfight! was a movie that was originally planned to be released in 2003. It was later pushed back to 2005 and then 2007.

Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria and Wayne Brady were the major voice actors involved, along with Hilary Duff, Chris Kattan, Christopher Lloyd, Cloris Leachman and Jerry Stiller. Haylie Duff even had a small part as the role of Sweet Cakes.

Hilary talked about the movie in a 2007 radio interview with Z100 and in early 2008 some new images from the movie were released, but no news since then.

My best guess is the movie is never coming out. From what I can remember they had problems getting licenses to use the food products featured in the movie.

There was also an issue with the main villain of the movie being named "Brand-X" which presented a problem with parents who didn't want their children thinking generic brands were inferior.

The animation is also really bad. This is somewhat understandable since it was probably done around 2002. I don't think anyone would pay to see those graphics in a movie theater 10 years later though.