Monday, March 05, 2012

Six Years Old

Hilary Duff News and Pictures was started 6 years ago today!

Feel free to check out the archives for 6 years worth of Hilary Duff news and pictures.

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To celebrate the anniversary, I went through the archives and found some of my favorite Hilary Duff pictures from 2006-2012:

Hilary attended a Michael Kors fashion show in September 2006:

Hilary was looking great in London on March 5, 2007:

Hilary showed off her tan by wearing shorts and a tube top in the summer of 2008:

Hilary smiled while getting into a car after leaving Papoo's Hot Dog restaurant in 2009:

Hilary wore glasses and a plaid shirt while shopping in Beverly Hills in July 2010:

Hilary grabbed lunch on-the-go in West Hollywood wearing green t-shirt in March 2011:

A pregnant Hilary was spotted in Hawaii in early 2012: