Monday, January 05, 2009

War Inc - 25 Terrible Films of 2008

War Inc has been named one of the 25 worst films of 2008 by

John Cusack starred in and produced this edgy political satire about war profiteering, once again playing a hitman like he did in the cult classic Grosse Pointe Blank. Any attempt at intelligent political thoughts were quickly co-opted by a roster of ridiculous characters, the worst of them being Hilary Duff doing her worst impression of Christina Aguilera as over-sexed foreign pop star "Yonica Babyyeah." The talents of many better actors were similarly wasted with all of the movie's silliness, none moreso than Sir Ben Kingsley, doing another bad accent and giving another ridiculous scenery-chewing performance as Cusack's corrupt CIA ex-boss. It's a shame because Kingsley almost got through this year on the good will of movies like Elegy and The Wackness, but not quite.

Pull Quote: "There's a subtle attempt at creating a character arc with depth ala 'Grosse Pointe Blank,' but it's overshadowed by the ridiculous nature of the plotline."

25. Deception
24. My Blueberry Nights
23. Mamma Mia!
22. The Eye
21. Lake City
20. The Babysitters
19. The Happening
18. Hounddog
17. Harold
16. War, Inc.
15. Filth and Wisdom
14. The Dukes
13. 10,000 BC
12. The Doorman
11. Never Back Down
10. Postal
9. Max Payne
8. Zombie Strippers
7. Everybody Wants to be Italian
6. How to Rob a Bank
5. Blindness
4. Babylon A.D.
3. Cover
2. Mister Lonely
1. The Love Guru