Saturday, July 22, 2006

Listen to Material Girl - Other Song and Album News

The Hilary and Haylie Duff cover of Material Girl has been released on the internet.

Click Here to listen to Material Girl and other songs from the GirlNext CD.

I think they did a good job paying homage to original Madonna song. There are probably a lot of Madonna fans who aren't very happy that Hilary Duff is remaking Madonna's most recognizable song, but I don't think they will be that disappointed if they give it a chance. The lyrics are the same; the only thing that's really different is the beat.

There were rumors that Timbaland produced the song, but now it looks like the track was produced by none other than Joel Madden and the Dead Executives. It has been speculated that it is Joel's voice at the beginning of the song. The beat sounds like it could have been done by Timbaland, but I guess we'll just have to wait until the CD credits come out to see if Timbaland had any involvement, or if it was 100% Dead Executives.

In other news about this song, Hilary announced that Material Girl will not be released as a single. It will be featured in the movie "Material Girls", but there won't be a music video for the song.

The song will be released on the GirlNext CD on August 15th, but it is unclear if it will be on the Material Girls soundtrack, or if there will even be a soundtrack at all. Hollywood Records announced that there would be a soundtrack, but I think they might have canceled the project.

It is also somewhat confirmed that Hilary Duff will be releasing a new album in November. Two songs on the album are rumored to be called "Smile" and "Happy".

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